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Review by Cuda-Seijin

I will consolidate the family of Titans Gundam MK 2 into one review. The only difference is the numbering on each figure. I don't know how many points of articulation are on them. I won’t bother to count or remark on that. I will say it is probably able to flex on ways I can not anymore.

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The head looks great. There are two holes in the side to mount the Vulcan pod. Detailed nicely and panel lined and painted nicely. It has the look of the MKII and the feel of it.

The Torso:

Now this is totally rad. The torso has a joint in the middle. It gives it a decent amount of play and makes leaning to the side. Has the little extra just because it can. The paint is nice; every color that should be on the Gundam MK2 is here also the color is what color it should be.

The Backpack:

The Backpack is very detailed. However the downsides to the figure, it connects with a single ball joint. It can rotate and that is good and bad. The four thrusters are articulated and can move a fair amount. The Binders that hold the saber are articulated, yet the racks that store the beam saber do not securely hold the hilts. They will fall off, and the dark blue can be easy to loose track of. Besides that gripe, it is still well worth the play value.

The Waist:

The waist also has a nice feature. Slots that can hold either a beam riffle or bazooka magazine the rear has a fold out storage rack for the hyper bazooka. The waist armor is very flexible! You can easily pose a high kick without much hindrance from the skirt. The torso on the figure is highly flexible and full of articulation.


Wow. These really are done great. The shoulders are very pose able. They move up and down; forwards and backwards; oh my, they are just too awesome to handle. The arms really do let you pose them how you want them. If there is a limit to them, I haven't really noticed. They pose so naturally, it seems like a crime not to play with them.


WOW! This guy can really pose! Almost anyway you can think of. I love how easy this figure can crouch. The articulation is very impressive. The ankles even feature movable pistons; they can pop loose if you get too excited. The knees bend perfectly, even the feet feature articulation! The legs are like a miniature master grade loaded with articulation and detail.


The Dark Blue on dark Gray looks Amazing (yeah two words) the detailed yellow and red really just make this figure very appealing. Everything is the color it should be. I can't get over these EMSiA! Considering the fact that I decided I "needed" all 3 Titans Units, you can tell I am a little too thrilled with these guys. They feature the unit number painted on the Left Shoulder, Right Knee, and the rear skirt. The panel lining is fine and sharp, though on one of my figures it isn't actually in the panel lines.


- Hyper Bazooka is painted Dark Blue and Black. Magazine is detachable and can be placed in the slot on the hips. No extra magazine though...but if you get all 3...

- Beam Rifle is nicely painted and featuring a removable E-Pac magazine. Comes with two spare E-Pacs and E-pacs Can be stored on the shield. The Riffle can be placed on the hips. I am sure I mentioned that already.

- The Shield Features a blue weathered paint look with the Titans Emblem on the top half. The shield can be pulled apart and set either in extended or in a compact mode has two bumps on the inner side that hold the extra E-Pacs. The mount is flat and latches onto either of the forearms. Can be rotated and posed in almost anyway you want it to.

- Vulcan Pod plugs into the head and stays there as long as you don't touch it too much. The left side has the orange circle and green sensor painted.

- The Beam Sabers feature removable blades. Pretty nice, though the blade is a bit thin and can break if you put too much stress on it. The storage rack is a let down, but not that big of a deal.

- Extra hands include the basic fist, trigger hands and saber hands. All Hands serve their purpose and hold the weapons properly.

Final thoughts:

These EMSiA Titans Gundam MKII's, I think I love them too much. However it is a superb action figure! If you have ever considered buying one of the EMSiA MKII units, go for it! I highly doubt anyone would be disappointed in this figure and I highly recommend picking one up. I have played with my Titans MKII figures thoroughly and I am still impressed every time I pick one up.

I give it 5 out of 5.



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